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"I love the challenges and the positive message!"

“Attendance of our senior retreat used to be very low, however since engaging Project Hatch attendance has increased significantly. I believe this is because the program offered is open to all faith perspectives and challenges participates in a fun and safe way to explore their faith and what’s important to them.” 
— Campus Minister, Queensland

Project Hatch will help you and your school provide highly effective retreats and reflection days with long lasting impact. 


Discover how our balanced, dynamic programs will give your students a variety of opportunities to engage, be challenged and learn.

Your students will experience and learn proven mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies which they can use daily.


Your school's new evangelisation and unique charism are echoed in the spirituality input.

“Project Hatch provides affirming experiences and opportunities for reflection, while building community. The team has an obvious passion for working with young people and quickly develop rapport with the students. They provide a balance of learning and fun that works well.”
— Linda B, APRE, Our Lady's College, Brisbane.

Our most popular programs

Who Am I?

Yr 7 & 8

Yr 7 & 8s tend to be a lively bunch who like a good balance of fun, activity and depth.  And, so do we!  This highly engaging day will allow your students to explore the question "Who am I and who do I want to be?"

The Real Gift

Yr 9 & 10 

As a Yr 9 student said, "This day helped us open our eyes to the positive qualities in each other and brought us closer together as a group".  This day encourages students to find and share the giftedness and sacredness within themselves and others.

Influential Leadership

Yr 10 & 11

Help your students discover how they can lead through transformational leadership.  This day draws on research in the field of emotional intelligence and challenges your students to step up and make an immediate difference.


Year 12 Retreat

Untitled design.jpg

Yr 12 

Yr 12 Retreats are a special opportunity and invitation for your students to explore, discover and experience their relationships with themselves, others and God.  

Yr 6 Programs

Yr 6

We help your Yr 6s become inspired and prepared for the big year ahead and then guide them through the transitioning process at as they ready themselves to say good bye.

We Create With You

All Year Levels

You know your students and the messages they need to hear and we'd love to co-create a program with you specifically designed for your students.

“This day helped us open our eyes to the positive qualities in each other and brought us closer together as a group”
— Yr 9 Student, Brisbane

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What Makes Project Hatch Different?

When it comes to retreats and reflection days, many schools find it difficult providing a range of fully integrated programs that creates lasting influence. Some also struggle keeping retreats on their calendars due to other pressures. The Project Hatch team helps schools provide highly effective programs that are teacher tested and student approved.

We know how hard it can be to deliver effective programs and have helped schools across Australia to provide retreats that engage, challenge and empower their students. And when your students experience an effective program, spirituality is strengthened, students grow in self-esteem, create greater positive influence and the year level unifies.


The Project Hatch retreats and reflection days are designed and facilitated by Dave Jorna, founder of Project Hatch, and his team. Dave has been working with young people for over sixteen years, during this time he was also a campus minister, became an Emotional Intelligence consultant and has studied Psychology. Since Project Hatch’s first program he has facilitated more than 640 retreats, workshops and leadership training programs to help young people do life better. The Project Hatch team, who work closely with Dave, have a combined twelve years experience facilitating retreats across Australia. Schools continually comment on the effectiveness and positive outcomes of Project Hatch retreats.

In a Project Hatch program, your students will: learn to create small differences in their thinking which make big changes in their behaviour and self-confidence; understand and experience how they can be a positive influence in the lives of others; gain emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies which increase their wellbeing; and, reflect on how the Gospel messages are alive and relevant in their daily lives. Project Hatch will help you provide programs that connect with your students and create a lasting influence, helping them do life better.

From the beginning of the programs to the very end, Dave and the Project Hatch team will take care of all the facilitation, activities and behaviour management so your teachers can enjoy the experience and journey alongside your students. This, along with Project Hatch’s “9 Retreat and Reflection Day Optimisers”, will help you integrate the programs directly into your school’s culture, curriculum and spirituality to create long term student growth.

Long-term personal and spiritual growth comes from a deep connection and a fully integrated approach, not one-off feel good experiences. If programs are just vapour, their effectiveness and value are short lived. When effective programs compliment school culture, their impact is amplified. Schools who have effective programs view retreats as an integral aspect of their school’s tradition and student formation. Book a Project Hatch program today so your students and teachers can ‘retreat’ with Dave and the team. Why? Because the programs you provide can have a long-term influence for your students and school.



Thanks again for a wonderful day with our Year 11 students today. Your program provided an excellent balance of energy and substance. The students very much appreciated and benefitted from the skills of you and your team  in music, storytelling, reflection and motivation. Leadership, being about bringing out the best in the other, reflects the Jesus message and is a healthy, balanced way of allowing our young people to reflect upon making the most out of life.

A fabulous day - it could not have been better!


Chris, St Ursula's College, Toowoomba


“Thanks so much for today.  The kids really enjoyed it; from the cooperative games to the symbolic web, it all added to a memorable experience.  The balance between the fun, cooperative games and the spiritual was good too as I reckon it allows them to relax before talking about more 'serious' things.  (Take a look at how well they listened when you were talking to them about believing in yourself as an example.)”

M. Robinson, Yr 7 Teacher, Mater Dei Primary School, Brisbane.


“Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Kiri, Ollie and yourself for the wonderful job Project Hatch did with our yr 7 leaders. The day proved to be a big success with the students which included many worthwhile and inspiring activities and stories. The activities were engaging, positive and enjoyed by all. All the students were able to gain a better understanding of their importance in our school community and they all found themselves laughing and cheering together as one. Look forward to working with Project Hatch in the future.”

S. Wheeler, Yr 7 Teacher, St Bernardine's Primary School, Brisbane.


“When we had to affirm each other, it was really terrifying but also really nice to see people complimenting others, not just their friends. The fact that it was optional to be involved in the various activities was great”.

“It was great that you didn't feel like you were going to be judged for having a go.”  

“It was very inspirational – because people got up and said nice things about people that you wouldn't think they would do.”  

“A powerful and spiritual experience.” 

“Being appreciated felt good, but it was so much more empowering to appreciate someone else.” 

“We got to reconnect with the grade in an emotional way” 

“The day did wonders for our grade – it brought people out of their shell and gave them self confidence!”