Our dream at Project Hatch is to enable students to believe in their ability to have a real and lasting influence within their school community and beyond through their positive action and in service of others. Our various retreat programs create the opportunities students needs to grow into people of positive influence. These new resources have been developed to create further opportunities for your students to become their best selves and to create a positive difference in your school community.

Previews for each resource have been provided below. Please send any enquiries regarding purchase details or further information to  


Now Available!

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Year 6 - Leadership Workbook

At Project Hatch, we believe leadership is not about being the loudest voice, performing tasks, giving ideas, or wearing a badge.  True leadership is acting with authenticity, being of service and creating a positive influence within your community.  

This is the key idea that underpins our new Leadership Workbook. Presented in an interactive PDF format, the Workbook is designed to help students understand leadership as influence, covering topics such as: servant leadership, leadership qualities, leadership styles, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, authenticity and vision.

To go along with the Workbook we have also created a Teacher’s Guide with links to ACARA and BCE Curriculum, a full reference list and additional activities, so that leadership development can be fully integrated into your students’ learning. Also available for Year 7.


Coming Soon!

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Year 10 - Decision Making Workbook

By Year 10, students are making significant life decisions for themselves. How they reason through and make these decisions has significant importance to who they become in the future. 

This resource has been developed to guide young people through a decision making process that will help them form concepts of self-identity, moral conscience, meaning and purpose and discernment. Drawing on research from various fields, this resource is a great tool for career and future planning and personal development with students.

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Year 11 - Life and the Big Questions

Throughout the QLD Senior Curriculum, the questions of life, meaning and purpose appear numerous times. This resource addresses these prominent questions as students begin to make meaning of their life and experiences. 

By firstly building the concept of self-identity, students can determine the experiences, traditions, customs, cultures and other dimensions that inform their sense of meaning and purpose. This allows students to consider the common good, and to determine the ethical basis of their understanding of good and evil.